Level Your Concrete Surfaces Quickly and Simply Without Replacing the Concrete

Get that curb appeal back and prevent accidents from unlevel concrete surfaces

Make Your Home Safe For Your Family and Friends

Love Your Home or Office Again

Save Money by Repairing Instead of Replacing

Does your home or office have unlevel concrete surfaces?

In North Texas, we have clay-based soil. Water and clay don’t mix well. The water erodes areas underneath your concrete. This can cause any number of problems with your concrete based surfaces and foundations.? North Texas Concrete Restoration has developed a quick and easy process to level those surfaces. Let’s have a chat and see if we can’t get your concrete back to safe and looking brand new.


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Pool Decks

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Get the curb appeal back and prevent accidents?

North Texas Concrete Raising has a solution that will repair your concrete surfaces for the long haul. Repairing is a smarter than replacing. Replacing will cost you a lot more as well as have a greater environmental impact.

Lenny’s Guarantee

It’s our job to level your surfaces and do the best we possibly can. We believe it will stay level for a long time and that you won’t have issues. However, sometimes things come up. In case it does, we guarantee our work.?

Mud-Jacking Guarantee

2 Year warranty that is transferrable.

Polyurethane Guarantee

3 to 5 Year warranty that is transferrable

Foundation Repair?Guarantee

Lifetime on?steel piers and concrete press pilings.
*Up to 10years on Pier and Beam.

Concrete Leveling Applications


Sidewalks are for walking and playing. We know you want yours to be safe and welcoming to everyone who visits or walks by your home. Lenney the Level wants to make it safe and level again. We can help.

Patios and Porches

Some of your best memories have happened on your porch or patio. Cool fall evenings on the porch just aren’t the same since it’s had that huge crack. Get it fixed with Lenny the Level.


How long have you been avoiding parking in the driveway? How long have you avoided that side of the garage? Enough! Let’s get it leveled. Lenny the Level can have your driveway up and running in no time.

Pool Areas

Summer days by the pool come with a warning. Watch out for the big crack over there! That’s just not right! Let’s get it fixed with Lenny the Level.?

Interior Floors

Do you have the one room or hall where you have to hold onto the wall just so you don’t fall? Lenny the Level says, “I Can Level It!” Love your house again. Let us come make it level.

Factory Floors

Have cracks and unlevel surfaces caused you to have unsafe areas and miss production targets? That isn’t right! Lenny the Level wants to make your factory floor safe and productive.

Doing Business is Easy

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We’ll stop by and inspect your issue and put together and plan on the spot.

Live Level

Get your house and life back with a level living or workspace. Safe and nice looking!

Need Financing?

We understand that home repairs don’t always work within your current budget. That’s why we’ve arranged a way you can finance your concrete repairs. Click See my options and check out what is available to you.?

Keith came out and evaluated my property, the foundation was uneven and sinking on one side of the foundation. He gave me a fair quote and his team came out and did what they said they would do. The foundation is level now and I have a lifetime guarantee.

Michael Dammen 
Michael Dammen

We had Keith come out to our house to check our foundation. They installed 10 piers on the back of our house. When they finished they did a good job cleaning up the yard. If you are looking for someone honest and will do a good job I would recommend Keith and his crew.

Stan G 
Stan G